First Venture into Dynasty

I am looking to start and be commissioner of the first Fantasy Football Dynasty league I’ve ever been a part of; I don’t really care to be the commissioner, but I have not been able to find any existing leagues I can join (and I also really want to go through a start up draft).

Like any good NFL team, I recognize that there is a great deal of talent at the skill positions but that having a cornerstone quarterback upon which I can build is going to be critical.  In a dynasty league, we want that QB to be young, so let’s take a look at all the fantasy relevant QBs under that are 27 or younger.

Russell Wilson 27
Cam Newton 27
Tyrod Taylor 27
Andrew Luck 27
Derek Carr 25
Blake Bortles 24
Teddy Bridgewater 23
Marcus Mariota 22
Jameis Winston 22

QBs peak between 26 and 31; that gives you 5 years in the peak.  This is the reason I don’t want to target anyone over the age of 27 for my startup.

I may choose to grab a veteran to start in the short-term (Brees, Rodgers, Rivers, etc) but I won’t expect more than a year or two before I transition to my young gun. I want to take them one at a time, not in any particular order, and provide my thoughts and analysis.


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